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Cats  In   Starving   Land

2D Survival Game Developed With Unity

It is an exciting adventure about exploration and  survival!

You, as a cat, are stuck in an underground starving world. Try to survive as long as you can by collecting food, resources and beating up monsters. Ultimate goal is to get away from the land and go back to normal world!

Download and Play:


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Key Features

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Version 1.0 (04.29.2020)

• The ultimate survival game simulation experience.

• Dig the earth by yourself to unlock brand new regions and epic items, gear for your experience. 

• Fight and explore your way through a perilous fantasy world to defeat the dark monsters.

• As the game master, you can collect resources and food, plant the trees, pick up fruits etc. to prolong your life


Game  Areas



Ruins : 


Video Demo

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